Destination Flabob

With one full day under our belts, we are now firmly planted in the giant state of California. Our flight around the perimeter of America continues! We are overnight at a private airpark at 52CL Adelanto, just outside Victorville, California. Our hosts, Charlie and Amy Laird, great-grandson of Charles Laird and great-nephew of Matty Laird of the E. M. Laird Aircraft Company.  (Think Swallow biplane)

Today we did a two-ship flight through the Cajon Pass to KRIR, Flabob Airport. Jim OBrien, president of EAA Chapter 1 Flabob, met us for breakfast at the Flabob Airport Cafe. For convenience sake, you have to like airport restaurants, and when a breakfast is as yummy as this one, you have to love them. Airport manager Beth LaRock soon joined our breakfast group, bringing a smile to everyone’s face with her giant coffee cup reading “Boss Lady”.

Don’t ask me how we didn’t see this 3200′ hard surface runway from 3 miles – 2 miles – 1 mile but it happens. Boyd and I were both fixated on something that looked like an airport just beyond Flabob. Were we ever surprised to look down and see RIR right under us! RV7 arrival at Flabob Airport.

With Flabob airport manager Beth LaRock (L) and my host for the night Amy Laird (R).

Taxi right up —– to the Flabob Airport Cafe!

NX261Y, the Schoenfeldt Rider R4 ‘Firecracker” with a Ranger engine. A full scale flying replica of ‘Firecracker’ the original R-4 designed in the 1930’s for air racing.

The “Grosvenor House”. DE HAVILLAND GIPSY SIX SERIES II. Replica.

If you’ve been to AirVenture you may have seen this DC-3, The Flabob Express.

Staggerwing Beech, on the verge of making the first engine run on the new restoration.

N6989, CAUDRON C.460, replica. This air racer, along with a few other Flabob replica ‘Golden Age Air Racers”, made appearances in the Walt Disney movie “Planes”.

Beth & Amy and one fine looking Stinson 108 (no dash)

Tomorrow Santa Paula!!!

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