Destination: Lambert’s Cafe, Sikeston, MO

We haven’t done “Fly-in Destinations” for a while, a serious loss since there are so many incredible destinations awaiting pilots everywhere. How about I give you the scoop on a fun fly-in destination we took today in the RV7 and you tell us about a great destination you’ve been to? Remember, you can create your own picture post in our Facebook ‘LadiesLoveTaildraggers group’ and it will automatically appear here on the LLT website! If you’re not on Facebook, email details and pictures to

If you are flying anywhere near southeast Missouri do not miss the opportunity to stop at KSIK and dine at Lambert’s cafe. Sikeston, MO has a 5500′ hard surface strip that’s just begging for visitors and Lambert’s will pick you up in their van for the 3 minute hop to the Cafe.

Come hungry and prepare to throw any diets to the wind. Be forewarned, it’s going to be a fattening day that includes more than a few fried food choices but hey, tomorrow’s a new day.

Where else can you order up a plateful of deep fried hog jowl, mashed potatoes and throw in some turnip greens for good measure? I had no idea what hog jowl was till the cute kid that worked at the FBO informed me. He told me the FBO orders Lambert’s Cafe grub for the airport crew once a month and he tries something new every time. The hog jowls were a hit. A VERY fattening hit!IMG_0022.JPG

Keep in mind, the college age waitstaff will be seeking you out trying to pile on extra sides like fried okra, black eyed peas and home fried potatoes. No room on your plate? No problem. Rolls of brown paper towels are everywhere just waiting to be loaded up with whatever they’re scooping out at the moment.

Of course Lambert’s Cafe is known as the “home of the throwed rolls”. Hot yeast rolls right out of the oven are pushed down the isle or just as likely thrown right to your raised open hand. Grab one and someone will soon be by with a big pot of sorghum molasses to drench your new prize.

I hear it’s possible to actually DRIVE to Lambert’s but that would take all the fun out of it. The only real way to arrive is in your favorite airplane, hopefully a taildragger. They love pilots so much that even though there are bus loads of people waiting in a huge line to get in, pilots are escorted in the side door and lead to the front of the line. No wait ever for pilots. Ya gotta love ’em!

Today was a gorgeous day. Boyd let me fly his new prized possession, his RV7 and I got 3.25 hours playing with all the bells and whistles. Best part by far though – two take-offs – two landings. All pretty darned good if I don’t say so myself.



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