Diana LeSueur (Arizona)

Diana LeSueur is based at KFFZ, Falcon Field Airport, Mesa, Arizona.

Diana was a 2014 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship winner, but somehow we missed officially registering her as a member of LLT. Thanks for the update on your flying Diana! You are certainly surrounding yourself with some amazing taildraggers!  Judy

Diana Lesueur cropped 2015

Diana & Spartan

I get to teach young students science through the theme of aviation! I also run a Summer Aviation Camp for middle school kids. We immerse these students in as much aviation as we can possibly put into 2 weeks. I have been doing this for 12-13 years now. I finally was able to begin my training in June of 2013 and passed my checkride Dec 13, 2013. I was very fortunate to receive one of the LLT tailwheel endorsement scholarships last year in 2014. That was some of the most fun I have had flying!!! What a blast and a lot of great training!

Diana Lesueur 2015 Travel Air

Travel Air

The main airplane I currently fly is a Mooney M20J, but I am hoping that will change in the very near future. One of my mentors has a Stearman and now a Spartan. I have several hours of training in the Stearman. This is quite a challenge. Ed is only here half of the year. It is about time to get back to some Stearman training! I am working on getting a few people to go in together on a tail wheel airplane, so I have one that I can fly regularly. We have looked at a few 140s, a 180, a Husky and a 195. We have not made a decision yet. I love to fly!!! I love the taildraggers and look forward to having one of my own.

I crew on a C-47, B-17 and B-25 for the CAF. I am saving up right now and very close to start my instrument training. This will be a challenge but I am looking forward to it.


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