Diana Richards (Missouri)

Diana Richards keeps Citabria N4216Y at the private grass farm strip she and her husband, Tom, share in southwest Missouri, Identifier O8MO.  Rumor says her favorite airplane is named “Citabriaberry”!  Diana flies aerobatics and competes in her “beloved” Citabria.  Check out a few of her pictures from the POA website and links she has provided.

Diane (in green) and friend at Gaston's

Diana tells me her first lesson was in a Champ when she was 13 years old.

Aerobatic training day at farm, June 2009

“When I flew around the country for a month, two years ago, I landed on mostly grass strips, and two of my favorite were grass strips in Indiana.  I enjoyed spending the night in that adorable little cabin at Lee Bottom.”

Diane at Gastons with Brent

Diane at Gastons with Kevin

From aerobatic training day at the farm

For a wonderful article  written by Diana’s 12 year old niece, Elizabeth Triplett, and published in the February 2008 issue of IAC Sport Aerobatics Magazine click on the following PDF file.  How appropriate the title “My Aunt is a “roll model”!


And from an email from Diana:

There’s a link on PoA about my month long, grass fields tour and photos as my trip progressed.  It was a wonderful trip.  I’m trying to be more disciplined about writing a book about it, and am halfway done now.


I wrote three article for Sport Aerobatics, but am really more excited about my niece getting her article in the magazine…she is a bright young woman and will  hopefully be able to take flying lessons some day.

You can click on the following AOPA site and see an article written about Diana:


AOPA sent a professional photographer to the farm, and the fun part was taking him for his first aerobatic ride when we were through with the photo session.  He is 6′ 6” and we had a time getting him into the Citabria with a parachute on. LOL  It finally worked out and we had a fun flight that day and he even posted a few videos on You Tube that he took with his little camera.

Here is a link to an EAA article that talks about Young Eagle Flight Leaders and has some photos that I submitted to go along with the interview I had with them:


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