Diana Roberts (New Mexico)

Diana Roberts is based at Sandia Park, New Mexico and flies a Cessna 140.

Diana Roberts

I started flying later in life, at age 48.  I learned how to fly gliders first.  I own a Pegasus glider.  Two years ago another glider pilot, Connie Buenafe, asked me if I wanted to buy a taildragger with her.

Connie Buenafe is in the left seat and I am in the right

She knew I had wanted to learn power in a taildragger.  I had just bought a house and didn’t have the money so I turned her down.  She paid for the plane, put my name on it and let me make interest free payments.  Thanks to her generosity and kindness I was able to pay her off in a year.  We own a Cessna 140 together and are having a blast!

Connie and I flew the C 140 from Moriarty to Tuscon last summer for the Women Soaring Pilots Association conference.

Glider arrives!

Our photo and a short description of the conference is in the December 2011  issue of “Soaring Magazine”, page 38.

Diana Roberts

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