Diana Votaw (Missouri)

“I am 53 years old born 06-15-60, got my PPL when I was 17 and my CFI at 19.  Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Own and operate my own airplane (Cubcrafters Sport Cub S2) and airplane business.  I Love to take pictures and I’m trying to get better at aerial video!  Have three children and my oldest daughter, Julia, has her PPL and flies taildraggers when she can.”

Diana is based at Creve Couer (1HO), St. Louis.

Diana Votaw with N110CV


Cub seen from a Champ


You crack me up girl!


Cleaning for Cub rides

On the ground at Flaglor, Tennessee

Here’s a link to Diana’s website:


This one is a new light sport aircraft site she’s trying to get going:


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