Diane de Souza (New Mexico)

Diane de Souza is based at KSKX, Taos Regional Airport, Taos, New Mexico.

I came to flying relatively late in life (mid-50s). It was a challenge to learn to fly; particularly the landings. Everything seems to take twice as long when you are older and require at least twice as many repetitions. I persevered with the help of my husband; a long time pilot and CFII. I enjoy the challenge and the information exercises my brain; one of the reasons I learned to fly. I have made up for lost time by continuing with training through the ratings and with various aircraft. I hope to continue to learn, fly, and encourage older women to pursue aviation.

Commercial Single Engine Land; Instrument Airplane.
Private Glider
Sport Endorsement Gyroplane

Aircraft flown:
Calidus autogyro
Cessna 152
Cherokee 180
Cessna 140
Cherokee 235

Dream taildragger: RV6

Thoughts on taildragging: I like the fact that you have to pay careful attention while taking off and landing so it allows you to really focus on those activities.


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