Dianna Leason (California)

Dianna Leason is based at KSZP, Santa Paula Airport, Santa Paula, California.

Dianna Leason (rear), Kati Ganzer (front)

I’m a transgender woman. 65 years old. Flown my whole life. Built three EAB (experimental amateur built) airplanes. Worked for Burt Rutan for 12 years. Aero Engineer is my day job…
I love aviation in all of its forms!
RC Model builder/designer.

Ratings: PPL, SEL, Glider

Aircraft Flown: Ercoupe, VariEZe, Gemini (original design twin engine Canard), EAB Super Cub, Stearman, AT-6, Bucker Jungmeister, Bonanza, Grumman Tiger, Pitts S-2A

Dream taildragger: My EAB Super Cub…

Thoughts on taildragging:  I like the challenge of flying and landing them flawlessly! It’s a never ending quest….

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