Dianne Wieman (Texas)


Dianne Wieman’s Aeronca Champ 7AC——-it took her 5 years to put it back together from a pile of pieces!

I have a CFII, ASEL with a CFIG (glider).  I am the squadron Commander for ALAMO composite Civil Air Patrol (the composite indicates cadets and seniors!) and have gained another aircraft project to work on!  Just recently I became a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas!  I have built a hanger at Zuehl airport and house the Champ and a Cessna 150.  Inside the hanger I have also built a workroom 15 feet by 33 feet to allow me to work on aircraft in air conditioned comfort in South Texas!

TDA is the name of my Champ.  The name came from my husband who would ask if I was going to go work on THAT D_____ AIRPLANE again tomorrow!  It took 5 years to put it together and at this time the annual is going to be competed for the 9th time since its restoration.  I have flown the Champ to the National Aeronca Association flyin at Middletown, Ohio several times. (about 1079 KM one way).  By the way, the trip takes about 13.5 flying hours and if you are REAL lucky and have a couple of friends helping with the “PIT” stops, the trip on the way back to San Antonio can be accomplished in one day!  (we know this because one of the GUYS wife wanted him home and we decided to attempt the one day trip!  The gentleman is still married and flying!

I myself, am an antique———- but that does not slow my love for flying, teaching and introducing young people to any type of flying.

Dianne says she is married to a wonderful guy who puts up with her aviation habits (he has an instrument rating, though does not fly anymore).  Her married name is actually Dianne Wieman-Deyeso – but due to a late life marriage, no children and a huge hassle to change all of her documents, everyone knows her as Dianne Wieman.

  • Arthur J Brinkerhoff
    Posted at 17:38h, 22 April Reply

    Hey Diane:
    I live in Granbury Texas, I am restoring a 7DC 75 HP and I would very much like to fly to Middletown in June of 2012 I am an A@P/IA retired my wife Bonnie retired from American as an FA, in Nov 2010. I retired as a freight Dog in 2008. I enjoyed reading about your flights to Middletown.

    • Dianne
      Posted at 22:31h, 27 April Reply

      2012 is the year and weather, airplane and all else permitting—- I will attempt it again! It is always an adventure!

  • Carlotta Prothro
    Posted at 21:26h, 29 April Reply

    I wish more people would write blogs like this that are actually fun to read. With all the fluff floating around on the net, it is rare to read a blog like yours instead.

  • Alan miller
    Posted at 20:24h, 25 March Reply

    Hi Diane, I saw your great offer on the aeronca list forum. I own a champ in Hawaii and have a student/ friend from japan that would love to go. She has private cert and is working on her instrument rating. She speaks excellent English and appreciates grass root flying. She has flown my champ some and this trip would be great for her. She is very nice and easy to get along with and has a great attitude and passion for flying. Her name is Ryoko Kato. She will get in touch with you.
    Thanks, alan

  • Shannon gallagher
    Posted at 12:46h, 08 March Reply


    I became an instructor at the young age of 48. The only thing I would say—— you have to learn to fly all over again. Today, I believe you have to have a commercial and instrument ratings prior to becoming a CFI and ALL initial CFI rides have to be done with an FAA person. (I am not up to snuff with the requirements for the sports pilot instructor rating– may not need as much).

    The main reason I became a CFI was due to many folks in Civil Air Patrol that convinced me I needed to become an instructor! My students have taught me much about flying and have had a wonderful time instructing! Teaching in the taildragger has really kept me on my toes and you always hope you can keep ahead of the student and the airplane!

    I have only been a “double I” for a couple of years (again someone convinced me to expand my horizon). I just became a glider instructor this last summer (did this because I enjoy working with young people and teaching them to fly— will be an instructor for the Civil Air Patrol, Texas wing glider encampment this summer). (by the way I am over the AARP age of 55!)

    Anyone can get all of the ratings within a couple of years——it takes LOTS of money and much time and effort. One thing I have learned, if your basics have been good, much of the rest is just adding a little bit each time!

    IF you love to teach, love to fly and are up for keeping your mind and body challenged———— go for it!

  • shannon gallagher
    Posted at 12:14h, 20 January Reply

    Hello Dianne

    I just wanted ask how long you have been a CFII, and is it hard to get the rating. I have been thinking about it but not sure I should at my age. As you can tell from my bio I am a student pilot at the present and due to weather will probably solo soon and have my license by spring.
    How much more certification is required to go for CFI. I am very interested and just wonder if it would be worth my time to go for it.
    Thanks Shannon

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