Dianne Wieman and TDA!

This is a great little story from Dianne Wieman of Texas. A friend to both Dianne and me, Ray Johnson sent her this note and copied me; “Send this photograph to Judy Birchler with information about your Champ.  She is looking for Woman Taildragger pilot photographs.  Excellent photograph !!” Ray, have I told you you’re a great advocate for Ladies Love Taildraggers – can we clone you?!!

Dianne and TDA

From Dianne:
“Ray insists that I send a picture that looks just like me to you for women who love taildraggers!   The picture shows  a part of my baby, not completely painted on the nose because she got a nose job this last year!   The slogan in the top of the front window is visible—– “TDA Is mine”    translation———– THIS DAMN airplane is mine!     When I was working on putting TDA back together, I looked at many options to cover the former that has the windshield attached.   One evening when I returned from work (I worked out of town those days!) my husband asked if I was going to work on that DAMN airplane again tomorrow!   I told him “yes” and that he had a choice——— he could find me at the airport or, if he did not like me working on the airplane, I guess I could be like some of the guys and go hang out at the bar!   He said he would find me at the airport!”

So who is Ray Johnson?…… Ray’s been putting on the Marion, Indiana Fly-In/Cruise-In for 20 years and every year it gets better and better. Always the Friday night and Saturday of Labor Day weekend, his flyin is the place to be. You’ll hear more from me about it later but mark your calendars now and plan on attending. This is the year they are celebrating women, WOMEN PILOTS especially!! I’ll be there right in the middle of all the fun and hope some of you fly in too.  I’ll post about it later but send me an email anytime with questions to LadyTaildraggers@gmail.com .

2011 FLYER Marion Fly-in Cruise-in


As with all the pictures and posters on the blog, click twice for a close up view.

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