Dianne Wieman-Deyeso’s MY LOVE STORY (Texas)

Lady taildragger pilot Dianne Wieman-Deyeso is based at 1TE4, Zuehl Airport, Marion, Texas. This is Dianne’s love story.

I became involved in Civil Air Patrol because of a need to fly and had just survived a divorce. On my way home to Houston, TX from a Mission we stopped over in San Antonio. Several of us spent some time together just waiting on weather. I never thought much of it until a friend out of Houston told me I needed to go to the next practice if I was interested in Fred. That was the beginning. I did go and we started flying to places together. I did most of the flying and he loved to navigate and dial in the electronics.

Our Groom’s cake from the wedding.  I would rather be flying. Fred would rather be fishing. Funny about the hangar from the cake. The hangar was sheet chocolate. I left the sheets wrapped in foil with the remainder of the cake at mom and dad’s while Fred and I went on our honeymoon trip. When we returned I looked for the chocolate and dad said he thought I left it for him. 🙂

In 1996 I purchased a basket case Champ and Fred came to the airport often to observe. He shared my joy of flying but not the building process. My Champ became “that damn airplane” when Fred asked me if I was going to go work on “that damn airplane” again.

Our story lasted 28 years. Fred lost his fight with heart disease in November this past year.

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  • Stephen R Doiron
    Posted at 19:50h, 07 April Reply

    Hi Dianne. I’m the guy, Stephen Doiron that you kept hitting in the back of the head asking me, “what was wrong with that landing?” I still own a Kitfox 4 Classic and now live at Zuehl. Wow, how time flys. Sorry about your loss with Fred.

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