Don’t Cry Because It’s Over

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”  Dr. Seuss

After 7 nights at AirVenture I’m back home in Indy today, reacquainting myself with air-conditioning, a private shower, and my lonely husband. 😉  Coming home is sweet but oh-my-gosh, it was an incredible week. The flight up and back in my Decathlon, flying loose formation with my friend’s Davis DA-2A, was enough to get me very comfortable in this new bird. With three new airport landings on the way up, entry at RIPON and a hard right turn at FISK, when the pink shirt announced “land on the Yellow Dot” by gosh, I landed on the Yellow Dot. Success!!

Just look at that severe clear I lucked into flying from OSH to MQJ. Of course I’m smiling!

Right there on my left wing, all the hints I need to do 8-point rolls, but will I? 🙂

I just can’t stop myself from bragging. I mean seriously, people would give their eyeteeth for my parking spot. N86585 – that’s me. Photo credit: Experimental Aircraft Association

Check me out Lower left, N86585, my Decathlon…. in the same shot with the B-1B. Photo credit: Experimental Aircraft Association

And more love from the EAA. Photo credit: Experimental Aircraft Association

Bethany Root Memorial.

In the Warbirds area,  Sharon Tinkler and I came across a simple, heartfelt memorial to Vlado Lenoch and LLT member Bethany Root. They both died unexpectedly in a P-51 accident in Kansas just 2 weeks ago. Under different circumstances, Vlado’s P51, Baby Duck, would have spent the entire week of AirVenture in or near this tie-down space.  It’s been little more than a month since I received this message from Bethany.

“Finally, I have reached a place in my career/life in which I can participate a bit more. If you are able to make it out to K59 we would love to have you there. A lot has changed at this historic town airport in just the past year. If you are traveling through at all on your way to Oshkosh my home has a couple of bedrooms if anyone would like or need a place to stay overnight.”
Look forward to seeing you in the future,
Bethany Root

I hope everyone who visited AirVenture took the time to visit the memorial in Warbirds for Bethany Root and Vlado Lenoch.

A few had left tokens of a life shared with Vlado Lenoch at the sight. Vlado was very well known and highly respected. At 34 years of age, Bethany was an up-and-coming member of the flying community, highly respected as well, however, not as well known. As Sharon Tinkler and I visited, all we had to share was a LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ necklace for this accomplished and beautiful new member of our organization. Gone west too soon.

Many thanks to Ann Pellegreno for sharing her time, wisdom and stories of flying the Earhart Trail 50 years ago. It was an honor for me to share the stage with Ann several times at AirVenture.

Thank you again to Nancy Malm for sharing her passion for flying with all of us at our Tuesday LLT luncheon.

How can I not include this great shot of Mr. Coffee and Mr. Hutchinson, relegated to the back with the Ladies Who Love Taildraggers?

The best part of AirVenture is finally getting to meet lady taildragger pilots I feel like I know already. Great to finally meet you in person Lori Huster!

Sharon Tinkler on the right, with other ladies who love taildraggers,  Carolyn Applegate and Linda Lovely.

And from Thursday’s Vintage in Review hosted by the guy who NEVER stops at AirVenture, Ray Johnson. Than you for including these remarkable ladies Ray!

Fabulous week at AirVenture. Wonderful flights both directions accompanied with Dennis Hutchinson in his Davis DA-2A. And what are the odds of landing to refuel at an airport where there happens to be another very rare Davis DA-2A based? Only 12 are flying in the entire U. S. I’ll tell you – it’s astronomical.

Here’s the other Davis DA-2A owner/pilot along with Dennis on the right. Dennis and I are refueling at Hartford, WI, and the guy rolls up on a scooter and says ‘That’s a Davis DA-2A’. He’s only the second person the entire trip who correctly identified Dennis’ aircraft; both were Davis aircraft owners. 🙂


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