Don’t let that miserable groundhog get you down!

I know. I heard.

“At 7:25 this morning, amidst mostly overcast skies, Groundhog Phil saw his shadow in the small town of Punsxutawney, PA.”

Good thing I don’t give a diddly squat about a creepy rodent living the high-life in Pennsylvania or I’d be freaking out about now. It was crappy in PA this morning and it was crappy in Indy too. But if there’s one thing about waking up and finding yet another cold, snowy, low ceiling day, it’s the possibility you still might get to fly.


Trudging through a few inches of fresh snow this morning, I was happy to see my little S7 snug as a bug in her hangar. She preheated overnight, was nice and toasty and wanted out-of-there as bad as I did. Check one.

20140202-174330.jpgGeez, I love my friends! Buddies Gary & Martha nearly beat me to the airport this morning when I mentioned I was heading that direction and hoped to fly. My taxiway was cleared and we were good to go in no time. Thank you Gary & Martha! Check two.


Last thing, I called up AWOS and heard the recorded voice announcing 1,000′ and 4 miles. Check three and good to go.


Take that you silly groundhog!


I flew and loved every minute of it. Six more days or six more weeks of winter, it doesn’t matter. I can hang in there a little longer. I hope you’re out there finding a way to do it too. I see the determined, passionate flyers at my airport, I get emails from some, I see lots more on Facebook and Twitter. Winter or not, the people who want to fly are out there making it happen. Go girls go!!!


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