Dorinda Morpeth (Georgia)

Dorinda Morpeth is based at KCSG, Columbus Airport, Columbus, Georgia.Mixed-October-2010-025

Started learning about airplanes as a teenager in the Civil Air Patrol in the Wash DC area. Got my private pilot licence at 40, and continued training thru CFI. Bought a 1961 Piper Colt that was a local airplane and flew it for many years. I had a long break from flying while the Colt was undergoing a total restoration, and decided that this was a good opportunity to fulfill a dream and get my tailwheel endorsement. While training I started looking at airplanes and settled on the beautiful C170B. Bought my current airplane, a 1952 C170B, in 2015 and have been fly camping, flying Young Eagles, and sharing tailwheel flying with as many people I can.

Some of the most beautiful and versatile airplanes ever built are taildraggers. They can get into and out of amazing and beautiful wilderness areas, have served the country during wartime, and continue to be the plane of choice for delivery of medicines and supplies by bush pilots in the back country and undeveloped nations. They are fun and challenging to fly, by requiring good stick and rudder skills to fly them well. There is a huge variety of planes to choose from and price ranges to fit every budget. Taildraggers build confidence in all pilots but especially women who find themselves more welcomed in what is still considered a “Men’s Club”. Being a taildragger pilot can lead to greater respect from other pilots who have a mysterious fear of the planes, and this in turn can lead to greater pride and self-esteem for having met and conquered the challenge.


I am glad for this organization to be a place for stories, tips, and support from like minded women (and men) who also love these airplanes

dorinda-moreth-c170-cowlAircraft flown:  Single and multi engine Pipers and Cessnas, Cessna 140 &170B, Champ

What’s your dream taildragger: Twin engine Cessna AT-17 Bobcat

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