Dorothy S Guinn, future taildragger Queen!

Ladies, this is what its all about. Everybody knows our members love to fly and love their taildraggers but witnessing new people …. new women people!!…. getting the bug to fly is so awesome! Here’s a personal story from Dorothy Guinn from Savannah, Tennessee, a non-pilot who came to our LLT fly-in and desperately wanted to go flying.

From Dorothy S Guinn’s Registration:

Dorothy Guinn, newly self-proclaimed Taildragging Queen!

You mentioned this is also for students, well today I officially consider myself one. I started the ground school study for sport pilots. I like the ultra lights and my time is very limited. I was at the fly in at Savannah as a local admirer and ended up flying with Patty and Jeff Plantz in the poker run.

Patty & Jeff Plantz

I have always wanted to fly and actually knew in my heart I would someday. But life has seemed to take me in different directions every time I started to get a license. I am a working musician and the summer time is my busiest time.

Bellanca 1947 on the way to Dickson TN Poker Run, woman taildraggers

Therefore I thought I would get the ground school done in what spare time I can muster up, and when winter hits I will get my flying hours needed. I hope to be ready by the time you have your next fly in. I am a self supporting lady with a good life for myself but the expense of buying a plane may have to wait a year or so. But I think it will all fall into place.

Bellanca landing in Dickson, TN

I have always accomplished anything I set out to do. I can’t think of anything better for my retirement years than to fly around and play some music with my friends.Thanks to Patty and Jeff for fueling the fire for me. I really enjoyed flying and meeting all of the great people at the KSNH fly in.

Taildragger Sky!

I am on facebook as Dorothy S Guinn if any of you would like to connect.

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