East Tennessee Fall Super Club Fly-in

Anne and I had perfect flights to the East Tennessee Fall Super Cub Fly-in – beautiful weather & scenery and non-eventful! A quick stop for breakfast at Columbus, Indiana was down memory lane for Anne who had lived in the area almost 20 years ago and had landed at BAK on a cross country flight with her instructor. There’s a darn good restaurant on the field with big windows that overlook the ramp and runways and the French toast is the best you’ll find anywhere.

Turns out Anne’s Super Cub is a tad faster than my Rans S7 and so, even though we started our trip flying loose formation, we eventually gave it up. We communicated on 123.45 but after our fuel stop in London, KY she pushed ahead and I started hanging back just a little. It all worked out in the end and we somehow ended up landing one after the other at Elizabethton, TN.

Right off the bat I got to fly Greg Swingle's R