Eastern Tennessee Fly-In in a Cubcrafters Sport Cub S2

Diana Votaw is based at KSAR, Sparta Airport in MO and sent these pictures from her  flight to the East Tennessee Fall Fly-In.   “The weather was pretty good and had great flying in and around Elizabethton, TN.”

Diana Votaw in her Sport Cub S2

Diana Votaw in her Sport Cub S2

Trip to TN was fantastic. Weather on Monday was great for the flight down. No trouble.


I met my Mom and we had a great day. Then Tuesday was rainy and I spent the day taking care of “honeydos” around the house. Tuesday night Dave surprised me with a drive down to stay and fly a couple of days. Wednesday we did a great hike by a waterfall that my Mom likes (she also likes the out of doors – but gets all kinds of motion sickness so no flying). Then we went flying in the afternoon.


I was contacted by a local guy (Brett) that I met last year for some tailwheel instruction!! YEA!! I got to write the trip off on my taxes!! Thursday another guy coming to the flyin came and we flew to a couple of grass strips! Great fun. My first 600 foot grass strip uphill at full gross (Dave was in the back).




Saturday was again kinda rainy so we did home stuff until late when we went flying again!  Flight back on Sunday was met with low ceilings in the morning and waiting for them to clear. I left about 10:30 or so, and had to scud run up Cumberland pass to break out in the clear. Visibility was quite good, ceilings just a bit low for hopping over the mountains.



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