Ebay: Passion or Disease?

Stovetop finialBeware of Ebay. I speak from experience when I say it can be addictive. I know that because of what you see in the picture. You may wonder what it is and there was a time when I had no idea myself. I discovered “them” on Ebay a number of years ago and now have a full blown collection. I’m not the collector type but somehow ended up with a stash of them anyway. They’re cast iron wood stove top finials – beautiful, decorative ornaments you can buy right now on Ebay. Harmless if you buy just one, maybe two. The problem comes when you think you’ve got to have every one on the planet. I really wasn’t completely obsessed but I do have more than I really “need’.

I don’t visit Ebay regularly anymore but every now and then I can’t resist seeing what comes up searching “vintage aviation”, “antique airplane”, “women pilots” and other possibilities. Here are a few that caught my eye today. I’m not buying any of them ’cause I’m not starting another collection. Sure is fun looking though.

Ebay, Vintage Enamel Stick Hat Pin Airlines Airplane, The Lady Sebena Club Women. $6.99 USD.

Vintage Enamel Stick Hat Pin. Vintage Enamel Stick Hat Pin Airlines Airplane The Lady Sebena Club. A great looking stick pin that featues enamel work on brass of a crown & shield and an airplane. According to a Toronto newspaper from 1960 – “is the world’s first international travel club to pay tribute to the important role that women play in the modern world. Membership is open to all women who have flown across the Atlantic with Sabena Belgian World Airlines.”  Shield – 3/4″ x 7/8″, total length 2 1/8″. Excellent condition.

Vintage Enamel stick hat pin


Ebay,  Listed for auction is a vintage First Day Issue commomerative postal cover signed by Tiny Broadwick. The cover and is nicely signed ”Tiny Broadwick” in blue pen and the cover is postmarked New York, July 19, 1948, and is affixed with one U.S three cent commemorative postage stamp. The cover measures 6.50 x 3.50 inches and is in fine condition. The autograph is authentic, uncommon to obtain and the cover will be a desirable addition to any early aviation collection. $150 USD.

Georgia Ann Thompson Broadwick [1893 1978] was an American pioneering parachutist nicknamed ”Tiny” as she weighed 85 pounds and was only 5 feet tall. At the age of 15 she saw Charles Broadwich’s World famous Aeronauts parachute from a hot air balloon and decided to join the travelling troupe and later became Broadwich’s adopted daughter. Among her many aviation achievements, she was the first women to parachute from an airplane which she accomplished on June 21, 1913, over Los Angeles with aviator Glenn L. Martin as her pilot. 

Tiny Broadwick 1st Woman Parachute 1913

Tiny First woman parachutist


Ebay $110 USD. HARRIET QUIMBY Becomes 1st Woman Aviator GETS Airplane LICENSE 1911 Newspaper. Original 1911 Newspaper Harriet Quimby

Harriett Q ebay


Ebay, Sextant Bubble Type AN-5851-1 Bendix A-15 Aviation Corp Ser# AF-42-3967 Aircraft with case. $100 USD

Bubble Type Sextant




THE LUSCOMBE STORY- Every cloud has a Silvaire lining, a story about Don Luscombe and his airplanes: pioneer aviator, monocoupe designer, Luscombe designer, founder Luscombe Airplane Co., by John C. Swick published by Sunshine House, Terre Haute IN, 1987, stated first edition, first printing. This is an oversized hard cover book with complete dust jacket, measures about 11.25 x 8.5,” contains 216 pages with long detailed text, many black and with photos and many schematic type drawings of planes and plane parts/details.

Don Luscombe Silvaire Aviation Book

Luscombe Story


Ebay, 5 Books about Amelia Earhart $15 USD.  5 Amelia Earhart Books



Ebay, Le Petit Parisien 1909 Calendar. $60 USD. La Petit Parisien Calendar

This calendar was offered for free on the Parisien newspaper at the time. This print is printed in an early form of offset technique.

Le Petit Calendar

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