Elaine Huf and her Baby Stinson 10A

Thanks, Elaine, for sending in the gorgeous picture of your “Baby” and congratulations on being featured in “Air Classics”!

Elaine Huf & her Baby Stinson 10A

“I was honored to have my Baby Stinson 10A featured in March 2011 issue of “Air Classics” and the story of Civil Air Patrol’s accomplishments during the start of WW2. The story was a surprise to me – when I was interviewed by Gilles Auliard I thought he was writing an article for January 2011 issue of the Atlantic Flyer ONLY, not for another publication. When Gilles sent me a copy of “Air Classics” it came on my birthday, which made it even more special.”

“Your site now has a life of its own and I just love seeing all the ladies lovin’ their taildraggers. I really thought Champs would take the lead but was surprised that Super Cubs were the No. 1 (but also happy about how many ladies own and fly them).”


Elaine Huf

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