Elaine Kauh (Wisconsin)

Elaine Kauh is based at (KRYV) Watertown Municipal Airport, Watertown, Wisconsin.

Taildraggers inspired me to start flying! My first airplane ride was in a beautiful Stinson. I was hooked before the engine even started. Before I began my flying lessons, I got many rides in taildraggers and helped restore a Piper Pacer. I did my private pilot training in a C152 (as taildraggers were unavailable for this). After I got my license, moved to a new area and found an airport to call home, I earned my tailwheel endorsement in a Citabria. And that’s all I flew until I decided to pursue more training. Now I am a flight instructor teaching in a variety of aircraft including a Citabria Explorer. This is my favorite airplane on the field; it’s a joy to fly. And helping pilots become “real pilots” is so rewarding! As an instructor, it’s great to see pilots expand their stick-and-rudder skills. As a pilot, I just love to share the fun of flying taildraggers.

What a thrill to see so many women flying all these wonderful airplanes!


  • scott sewell
    Posted at 22:39h, 13 March Reply

    My son wants to learn to fly and how to fly aerobatics, so I am looking for a good used citabria. I guess that the prices run from the low 30s up to new at 100 plus. well it is only money. Best wish to you. Scott

  • Susan
    Posted at 20:13h, 14 February Reply

    Hi Elaine!

    Welcome to the group! So glad you found taildraggers!! What a great story you have and bless you for teaching people how to fly “real” airplanes!


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