Elisa Maria DENVY Aerobatics Training

Austrian aerobatic pilot Elisa Maria Bretterebner is fantastically exhilarated about flying and it’s bound to be contagious. Elisa lives and breathes gliders, Super Cubs, Super Decathlons, Extra 300’s and I’m guessing anything else she can get her hands on. Elisa says,

“My soul is in the sky. And I left my heart up there.”

Aah, if you’re going to get a bug, the flying bug is the one you want!

Elisa flying an Extra 300

Reading in a lovely Austrian accent…..

“After I made my aerobatic licence and some aerobatic training in a Super Decathlon I got the possibility to fly this beautiful Extra 300 at the Austrian championships. Since then I am so in love with this plane and enjoy to push my personal (G-) limits.” 🙂

“Never thought acro flying could be that much fun 🙂 So happy and grateful to got the chance to fly this beautiful plane and experience such epic and emotional moments after some challenging times in the past. Dream big, smile often and never give up! Make sure to watch it on a large screen in 1080HD and turn the music on – thanks M83 for this amazing song called “Outro”.

Take a few super charged minutes and watch Elisa fly this beautiful bird with Stefan Walch.

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