Elizabeth Hawley, Texas

Elizabeth is based at Kickapoo Downtown Airport in Wichita Falls, TX. (Wouldn’t you love to say that airport name every time on final? It just makes me smile!) Elizabeth says, “The joy of flight came to me when I was almost fifty by way of my husband. He introduced me to it and I have not stopped flying. We live in North Texas where the weather is fair for most of the year, giving me the opportunity to fly year-round. My other passion is photography, and practicing both makes me feel like I’m in Heaven.” She holds an IFR rating.

Aircraft flown: Cherokee 180, Cessna 150, Bonanza A36, Bonanza V35B, Citabria Bellanca, Luscombe 8F.

Dream taildragger: Luscombe 8F

Why I love taildraggers: Taildraggers engage every muscle in your body when you take off, cruise, and land. They make you tell them what to do, and in this way, it’s the closest I’ve been to flying an airplane.

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