Elizabeth “Scottie” Manzo (Georgia)

Elizabeth “Scottie” Manzo is based at KAUO, Auburn University Regional Airport, Auburn, Alabama.

I am from Gainesville, Georgia and a sophomore in the aviation program at Auburn University. My grandfather started teaching me to fly taildraggers when I turned 13 years old. Now I am excited to pursue a career in aviation, but maintain my hobby in tailwheel aircraft and aerobatics!

Ratings: Private Pilot, SEL & SES, Instrument Rated
Student Pilot, Gliders

Aircraft flown: Cessna 150 (with a tailwheel conversion)
Boeing PT-17 Stearman
Taylorcraft BC-12D
Piper J-3 Cub on floats
Schleicher K-7 (Glider)
Cessna 172SP

Dream Taildragger: Pitts Model 12

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