Ellen Leahy (Michigan)

Ellen Leahy is based at 9G2, Price’s Airport, Linden, Michigan.

Professional & GA pilot, married to a pilot. Finally getting back into the little airplane world after several years of being predominantly career focused. We just recently purchased a beautiful, fully restored, 1941 Fairchild, and are excited to get back into the world of general aviation and antique airplanes.

Ratings: ATP, Commercial SES, CFI, MEI, Dispatcher, & Type Ratings: DC9, A320, HS125, B300, B737.

Aircraft flown: J3 Cub, Fairchild- F24R, Ford Tri-Motor, Cessna 140, Super Cub, Boeing 737, MD-88/90, Airbus 319 & 321, Hawker 800, along with a number of small Pipers, Cessnas, and others.

Dream Taildragger: Right now, it’s my new Fairchild. 🙂

I grew up flying my parents J3 Cub and going to little airplane fly-ins. We used to put the cub on skis in the winter, floats in the summer, and wheels the rest of the time. I love the flying, but the people more. It’s such a great community to be involved in.

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