Ellen Northam (Illinois)

Ellen Northam is based at KARR, Aurora Municipal Airport, Chicago/Aurora, Illinois. 

Ellen Northam

Ran into Judy at Urbana, OH while flying a Taylorcraft over from Moraine, OH with friends for breakfast. Have been wanting to get my taildragger endorsement for a bit now, think this may be my year to get it!

I fly a 1947 Bonanza on a regular basis and have enjoyed antique / classic aircraft for ages! Some of the most enjoyable airplane noise comes from older taildraggers 😉

Ellen Northam

I was so excited to fly into Grimes Field, Urbana, Ohio yesterday and immediately see a gal taxi by in a classic taildragger, a BC12-D Taylorcraft. She hardly shut it down before I was there asking questions and talking LadiesLoveTaildraggers. Turns out she’s been wanting to get her TW endorsement and her friend Matthew VanDervort was showing her how it’s done in his Tcraft. Very cool and something all taildragger pilots can do to increase the taildragger pilot population.  Judy Birchler

Thanks for sharing you Tcraft Matthew VanDervort!

Thanks for sharing your Tcraft with a future lady taildragger pilot Matthew VanDervort!

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