Emelie Fox (Michigan)

Emelie Fox is from Shelby, Michigan.

Emelie Fox flying Tcraft

I am currently a junior at Michigan State University where I am president of the Spartan Aviators organization. I also serve as membership outreach chair on Women in Aviation – Grand Rapids. I started flying with my grandfather in high school in his Taylorcraft. My first cross country, my grandfather and I flew his Taylorcraft to Venice, Florida over spring break – it took 12 hours, stopping every 2 hours to fuel. I received my PPL May of 2015 and later that summer I received my tailwheel endorsement. I am currently working towards my instrument rating with intentions of receiving it before summer 2017.

I love taildraggers because it was the first airplane I flew. I fell in love with the raw flying and the thrill of landing in a more challenging plane.

Aircraft flown: Taylorcraft, Cessna 150 & 172, Piper Archer, Diamond DA20, Boeing Stearman Model 75

Dream taildragger:  Boeing Stearman




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