Emilie Ann Phillips’ Frozen Lake Flying in her RV-4; New Hampshire

"Bill Brine took this photo of me flying over Northwood lake in February."

“Bill Brine took this photo of me flying over Northwood Lake in February.”

Lady taildragger pilot Emilie Ann Phillips sent in these two videos shot with her new GoPro camera. You can’t beat a ring-side seat from an RV-4 approaching the frozen lake at Alton Bay. Emilie’s videos are beautifully shot, fun flying adventures and should convince the rest of us it’s time to get our own GoPros. Her first video is between Jaffrey, Alton Bay, Northwood Lake and Contoocook Lake.

Emilie says “I tried to follow a group of Supercubs to some other frozen lakes but I decided my little RV-4 tires just weren’t up to the task.”

20140201-AltonBay-2 from j3adventures on Vimeo.

“And here’s another (video) where a group of friends flies from our home base, Brookline, NH (NH16) to the ice runway at Alton Bay (B18) for lunch.”

Lunch at Alton Bay, NH from j3adventures on Vimeo.

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