Emilie Ann Phillips (New Hampshire)

Emilie Ann Phillips is based at NH16, Brookline Airport, Brookline, New Hampshire. I earned my private pilot certificate in the spring of 2012. Most of my training had been in a Cherokee, so I kept flying that. I flew up to Franconia NH (1B5) and took an introductory lesson in a glider. I joined some other friends for the Mountain View fly in. And I kept up with a Maule and a Bearhawk landing in a corn field. Emilie Ann Phillips-Cherokee OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Then it was time to move up to my husband’s RV-4. Compared to the Cherokee, the RV-4 is twitchy, unstable, and I could not look at a chart without the airplane falling out of the sky. Also, having a pilot husband is definitely a mixed blessing. He combined even doses of support and over protectiveness for his airplane and wife. Luckily I still had my old instructor around. We rigged up some controls in the rear seat for him, and got me all the way to soloing the RV-4. Many trials and tribulations later including a dreaded multi-month annual inspection, I finally have the RV under my belt. Some time this summer, I did a cross country flight and realized the RV-4 no longer felt out of control. It is now fun. Kind of like with kayaks, one person’s twitchy and unstable is another person’s responsive and playful. I flew the Cherokee again not long ago, and it seemed pathetic by comparison — unresponsive controls, anemic takeoff, and slow. Emilie Ann Phillips-RV-1

In the RV-4, I have explored parts of northern New England. Camped out at Bowman field fly-in (B10) (with fluorescent red hot dogs). Took friends to Provincetown for the day. Relaxed on the Martha’s Vineyard beaches next to Katama (1B2). A day up at Bar Harbor (BHB). And numerous breakfasts with the local pilots. And the RV-4, now that’s my plane and my husband has to ask to borrow it.

Emilie Ann Phillips-RV-1 next

Meanwhile, my husband decided we needed a family minivan/SUV, so he bought a Bearhawk. I am still in the early stages of learning that airplane where it is not fun yet. The most recent airport I had troubles with in the Bearhawk was Beltzville PA (14N). Have any of you ladies flown in there? Is it just a hard airport, or do I need more practice in the Bearhawk?

Emilie Ann Phillips-Bearhawk-2

Outside of flying, I am a software engineer, a backcountry ski instructor (x-c and Telemark), an avid sea kayaker (BCU 3*) and kayak surfer. When I can fit it in, I go rock climbing and hiking too.

Emilie Ann Phillips

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