Emily Herron (Kentucky)

Emily Herron is based at KJQD, Ohio County Airport, Hartford, Kentucky formerly at 18FD, Skypark Estates Owners Assoc Airport, Baker, Florida.

Emily Herron

I live in rural western KY, but I grew up in FL. I work at an elementary school as a Family Resource Coordinator and am very active in my church. I am a graduate of the University of Kentucky and love my Wildcats! I grew up flying my family’s Piper J-3 Cub.


My grandfather bought it in 1949 when my dad was a baby. My dad became a private pilot and taught me how to fly. I soloed at 17 and received my private certificate at 30. After I graduated high school I moved from FL to KY to go to college, so it was difficult to fly not knowing anyone with an airplane and being broke!


After my son was born I decided to sacrifice time and money and finished my hours and training for my private certificate, which I completed in our J-3! I have a little time in a Stearman as well, which is my dream airplane, it is so much fun to fly.


My parents are in the process of moving up to KY to be closer to their kids and grandchildren and I am excited to be back in the same state as my Cub full time for the first time since I was 18! I want my son to grow up flying it the same way I did. He loves flying so I’m sure he will follow in the family tradition. 🙂

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