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It’s the month of Love! With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’m once again sponsoring a ‘MY LOVE STORY’ Contest and giggling out-loud just thinking about it! I’m a sucker for love stories and when the stories involve airplanes, I love them even more! It’s been two years since I first featured this contest and, when it comes to number of entries, it’s still the all-time-favorite.  ♥

What you need to know about our MY LOVE STORY Contest:

Love comes at unexpected times and in unexpected ways. It surprises us, delights us, and makes life worth living. Love in all forms is a blessing in our lives, and for a lucky few, there’s an aviation connection. In fact, in this contest, there MUST be an aviation connection!

This is your chance to tell your very own “aviation” love story. Just be sure and tie your love story to flying – that’s it ; how you met your significant other, how you fell in love with taildraggers, your aviator wedding, your flying honeymoon, you get the gist – happy stuff that will make us smile and feel the LOVE!

Heads up – Your post must include pictures!

It’s easy to enter the contest:

#1 Be a LadiesLoveTaildraggers Member!  Register here for FREE membership in Ladies Love Taildraggers (If you do not meet the requirements to register but would like to submit your Love Story, please email to LadyTaildraggers@gmail.com. Submit a minimum of 2 pictures with your story.

#2 Enter the MY LOVE STORY Contest by creating a new blog post. Did you know that members have the ability to create blog posts on our website? That’s right, as a member you automatically have the ability of creating your own posts. Your submitted new posts are set as “Drafts” and, once approved, go live on www.LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com.  Today, you have the ability to share your aviation love story – and any other aviation thoughts and pictures you’d like to share!

I understand this process is new but trust me, if I can login and create a post – you can too! Give it a try and check out this link for more details.  Instruction to Contributors: Logging in and Creating New Posts

All entries will be posted on LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com, Tweeted and shared in our Facebook group!!



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