Erica Swenson (Texas)

Erica Swenson is based at KTKI, McKinney National Airport, Dallas, Texas.

I am 18 years old and a senior in high school. I have been a dual credit student at LeTourneau University in McKinney Texas for about a year and will be continuing my flight training and education with them at the main Campus in Longview Texas in the fall. I earned my pilots license last December and all my training up to that point had been in a taildragger.

A Citabria was the first small airplane I ever got to fly in and it was love at first flight. All my training to my private pilot’s license had been in a Citabria. Now that I am starting my commercial and instrument ratings I am flying a non-taildragger for the first time and it really makes me appreciate the time I get to spent in the Citabria.

Dream taildragger: A yellow Stearman

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