Erin Seidemann (Louisiana)

Erin Seidemann is based at KNEW, Lakefront Airport, New Orleans, Louisiana.

I work in finance to support my flying and airplane ownership habits. I’m the XO of the Big Easy Wing Commemorative Air Force in New Orleans and sponsor the PT-19 in the Houston wing. I also wrote a memoir about my aviation experiences called Postcards from the Sky: Adventures of an Aviatrix“, available at all the major online retailers or you can have your local bookshop order it.

Ratings: Commercial, Instrument, Single and Multi Engine Land.
Endorsements: Tailwheel, High Altitude, High Performance, Complex

Owned a Cessna 172SP for over 10 years, now own a Piper Seneca II. Also have flown Citabrias, Super Decathlons, Piper Cub, Widgeon, and PT-19.

Dream Taildragger: Corsair

Thoughts on Taildragging: They’re a little bit more of a challenge and require a little more finesse than tricycle gear, and I always like a challenge!

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