Exciting Announcement!

Exciting Announcement!

Member role changes allowing powerful, new participation

I’m delighted to announce that registered members of LadiesLoveTaildraggers now have the ability to create blog posts on our website. Today, I flipped the switch and gave all members additional access and additional responsibility.

Until today, new members were given the WordPress role of “Subscriber”.  A “Subscriber” is a type of user role that has very limited access to a WordPress site. They can essentially do just a few things: create their own profile, add photos, Friend and Follow others. Subscribers have no post creating capabilities, nor can they edit content.

Today, member role’s were changed to the “Contributor” level on our site. In addition to the above, you now have the ability to create blog posts yourself for publication on LadiesLoveTaildraggers; you can write articles, express your experiences, adventures, new ratings/achievements, provide news updates, and more. It’s your blog post and you get to decide what to write and share.

A few thoughts on blogging:

  • Please remember LadiesLoveTaildraggers is focused on women flying taildraggers.
  • It’s your personal flying experiences, in particular, that motivate more women to fly taildraggers.
  • Consider writing about something you, yourself, would enjoy reading.
  • Any aviation topic is open game for blogging.
  • Pictures always add interest to articles. A minimum of one picture is required but many are encouraged.

We’re now at a turning point in the direction this group moves forward – members are in control now. I’m very excited about the possibilities and can’t wait to see the new direction we head from here.

Our success as an organization depends on your involvement and participation. There are thousands of lady pilots around the world who love to fly taildraggers – it’s time we hear your stories. We now have a platform that allows participation from all our members – please use it!

Instruction to Contributors: Logging in and Creating New Posts






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