Father’s Day Fly-in from Lisa Martin

The active runway today

We wanted to fly up and visit my mother and father in law over Fathers’ Day weekend, but the weather looked nasty at our destination, so we stayed home and did a day trip to a little private ranch strip(s) on Saturday. It is a buffalo ranch near Wright, WY that the wife of a friend and local pilot grew up as a part of – so we got an invite to this private gathering. Guess what they served? Buffalo Burgers!

Cessna side

It was interesting how we people endlessly group according to likeness. The Cessna’s all parked on one side and the little fabric taildraggers on the opposite side (there ended up being about 6 of us – fabric covered). You got to know the wind blows in a place when it has more runways (4 here) than most airports I land at. And, yes, it was blowing straight down “the active”. This one has a cool bowl shape that helped us get off the ground in a hurry – well before the intersecting runway. On the flight home, approaching the Big Horn Mountains, we fly by the big, red walled canyon that the Hole-in-the-Wall gang hid out in.

At Little Buffalo

As of this morning, the weather forecast looks good for getting home to visit this coming weekend. Anyone know what Schafer’s Meadow is looking like?

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