Female aviators are equal to their male counterparts, right?

Thank heaven it’s 2018 and women aviators are finally considered equal partners with their male counterparts. Hmmm, but are they really?

Opportunities for women who choose aviation as a career have never been better. Jobs abound for pilots but also for dispatchers, air traffic controllers, mechanics, avionics technicians, and more. Female pilots may be just 7% of the pilot population but women with gumption, perseverance, and determination will make their mark and join the ranks of career female aviators. Hard work, smarts and a love for flying will open doors and, female or not, your skill and ability will be rewarded. I, for one, believe there’s no room for a victim mentality, especially when so many great scholarships are available, and many professional pilots will be retiring in the near future. If you want it – go get it!

As motivation to keep us all moving in the right direction, I offer these two pictures. I came across them accidentally and have no idea if someone snapped them yesterday or if they’ve been floating around for a long time. If you can identify where they were taken, leave a comment. It looks like a restaurant named “Barnstormers”. I hope, I think, that in 2018 we’re way past the days of walking down a hallway and being identified by the likes of signs like these.

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