Final Approach – Alaska Style

Final Approach, Alaska Style!

This picture was sent by Alaskan Tern tailwheel pilot, Vickie Domke, with this note, “Here’s a pix of our grass strip”.

One look at this picture and I had to send her a note back, “Vickie – you’ve got to be kidding me – is that really your runway I’m looking at between the trees??  Holy Cow – you don’t see any like that in Indiana!”

Then Vickie’s reply, “Gosh, Judy, you make me feel like I am a Real Pilot.  The runway is 1000’ long with another maybe 300’ over-run.  The end of the over-run is a cut-bank down into the river.  The Tern easily lands in half of the runway.  I have to watch for moose, woodchucks and porcupines as well as wind changes during final.  It is a relatively nice runway only 14 minutes from home, our cabin is off to the left side out of sight.”

Well, what else can I say?  “Yes – you bet you’re a REAL pilot, Vickie”.

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