Final Reminder: Meetups at AirVenture!

With AirVenture quickly approaching, I’d like to remind everyone about our LadiesLoveTaildraggers meet-ups. For our two lunches, I need a rough idea of how many to expect. I’ve heard from several but if your name isn’t listed below, I don’t have you in the count. Please leave a comment with your name and number in your group if you plan on attending.

1st Lunch meet-up for LadiesLoveTaildraggers (a.k.a. members, wanna be members, guests, or anybody who shows up) will be at 11:30 Tuesday, July 26 at the Hilton Garden Inn Rooftop Terrace Cafe. This is the one place we’ve found at AirVenture we can show up, have seating all together and a great view too. The restaurant needs a rough number so please let me know. We usually have 30 to 35 attend. So far I have:

    • Meredith Tcherniavsky Holladay (2)
    • Thomas Edmondson (2)
    • Anne Wright
    • Kathy Johnson Davis
    • Julia Kirchenbauer (3)
    • Susan Stewart
    • Elena Dale
    • Jan Johnson
    • Steve Thal
    • Wendy
    • Bill & Yvette Tracy
    • Cissy Cole-Rawlings
    • Elizabeth & Stewart Tattersall
    • Diana LeSueur
    • Kelly Jeffries (3)
    • Beth King
    • Heather Penny
    • Donna Miller

2nd Lunch meet-up Friday, July 29 at 11:30, same as above, Hilton Garden Inn Rooftop Terrace Cafe. NOTE: This was originally scheduled for Saturday but has changed to Friday! So far I have:

      • Anne Wright
      • Jan Joh