Fiona Macaskill (UK)

Fiona Macaskill is based at EGBJ, Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton, England, UK.

I’ve been flying fixed wing since 2013 but flew paragliders for 25 years before that. I love flying adventures and have flown in Australia, New Zealand, round Europe as well as the UK. I’m learning to fly on skis (taildragger D140) and land on glaciers in the French Alps. I’ve also done some aerobatics in a Citabria & Bulldog. I’ve just completed a year of Air Racing with the Royal Aeroclub ‘3Rs’. I usually fly with my husband, Angus who is a CRI so he always lets me sit in the left hand seat!

Ratings: PPL, night, tailwheel, short field, 15 hours glacier / mountain flying

Aircraft flown:
Rans s6
Zenair 601
Jabiru 450
Robin D140
Pup 150
Pitts 2
Cessna 150
Cessna 172
Monsun B209

Dream Taildragger: D140 with skis on

Thoughts on taildragging: They are challenging. They also enable you to land in places other aircraft can’t get into.

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