First Time Carrier Landing

If you’ve ever landed a taildragger on a postage size spit of land, you’ll get this video. So maybe not a taildragger but bet you’d get a rush when the tower calls you down for your landing! Get it down? Great – but is it going to stop?! I watched and felt like I was right there learning how it’s done alongside the other newbies. Photo of Carolyn Work, U.S. Navy pilot.

Going to the Boat – First Time Carrier Landings

A forward from Gary Kellam. Source: Thomas Lennon

“Here is a good bird’s eye view of what pilots see when they are landing on the deck of a carrier. Most Marine pilots are required to do carrier quals, as all Navy pilots are required to do. They begin with touch and go (arresting gear hook up), then proceed to catch an arresting gear wire on the ship’s surface. Take note of the pilot’s description of the moving angle deck they have to land on….”

Angle of Attack – Excerpt 1 from Thomas Lennon Films on Vimeo.

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