Flying a new Cubcrafters Sport Cub home

Here’s a post for everyone that has ever flown a truly monumental cross-country taildragger  flight and anyone that’s still plotting and planning where and how they are going to do it!   These shots were provided by our very own LLT’s Diana Votaw who purchased a new Cubcrafter’s Sport Cub S2 in 2008.  She picked it up at the factory in Yakima, Washington and departed on a solo cross-country flight back to her home near St. Louis, MO.   She took some incredible pictures on her flight home……

Diana's new Sport Cub on factory floor

Diana ready to depart Yakima, early morning takeoff

Blue sky day - on the way

You won't see this view sitting at home on your sofa

Overflying Canyonlands, Utah

To Moab Valley

Continental Divide

Arriving home to St. Louis

Diana Votaw is a CFI and is based at Hunter Field in Sparta Illinois.

Here’s a link to Diana’s website:

Doing what it does best!

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