Flying and Facebook

Flying and Facebook – if you’ve got the right friends it’s going to be fun. You just never know what’s going to pop up on your wall…..

Facebook friend Becky Jacks Yarbrough’s been a busy gal. I did a double take when I scrolled by this one. Becky, Becky what have you been up to?  🙂

Becky's setting a whole new level of fashion for the lady taildraggers!

To which John Graham replied “‎…if there is anything better then a girl with a taildragger, it’s a hippie chick with a taildragger!”


And from Bonnie Ritchey, “I want a seaplane”!



Don Parsons must have just come from the “2011 Antique Airplane Association Fly-in” cause he posted this great picture.

1936 Waco YKS

What taildragger pilot wouldn’t take notice of this one?!

Aerial Aspect Photography Page

Not sure where “Bazooka Baby” came from but I think she’s one of us!

Armed and Dangerous

And this one’s just too beautiful to leave out.

Melvin Pereira – Oshkosh


Thanks Facebook friends for always keeping me entertained.

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