Flying the Super Decathlon

Elisa Bretterebner Mar 2016 airplane & Elisa 2

Flying the Super Decathlon
by Elisa Bretterebner

(Elisa Bretterebner is from Trautenfels, Austria, and is based at LOXA, Aigen im Ennstal, Austria)

The story of me and flying another gorgeous taildragger – a Super Decathlon.. hmmm.. yes, I was lucky enough to win a UPRT scholarship at Spins & More, an Austrian flight school specialized on Upset Recovery Training and aerobatics.

Elisa Bretterebner Mar 2016 closeup

Besides the highly instructive and also funny Upset Recovery Training it was a lot of fun to fly this beautiful Super Decathlon. The Upset Recovery Training wasn’t scary at all. I had the feeling that the guys at Spins & more know what they’re talking about and I felt to be in good hands.

Elisa Bretterebner Mar 2016 closeup 2

Moreover, I got a detailed briefing and preparation for the flights and the Decathlon seems to be a very reliable plane. So it was kind of fun for me. At the end of the UPRT module I was able to do some aerobatic maneuvers as well, which was actually even more fun 😉

Elisa Bretterebner Mar 2016

Flying a lot of other planes (with a tricycle gear), I still think that flying a taildragger is a pleasantly different kind of flying with irresistible appeal 🙂

Elisa Bretterebner Mar 2016 airplane&Elisa

Luckily I was allowed to take my GoPro with me so I have some nice photos and even a video of this great flight experience. I am pleased to share them with everyone in our (LadiesLoveTaildraggers) community.

See you soon and all the best,

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