Flying what some consider “the best home-built aerobatic kit-plane ever designed”

“Nikki” Lara Isaac

Get out and fly ladies! Fly for the fun of it, fly for the adventure of it, and fly for the opportunity to meet awesome pilots everywhere you go.

Some of the gang hanging out at Ormond Aircraft.

On our recent flight around the rim of America we stopped at KOMN, Ormond Beach Municipal Airport, just north and under the Class C airspace of Dayton Beach International. KOMN is a controlled field and, for those that think “real flying” only happens at grass strips and uncontrolled fields, KOMN will prove you wrong.

Within minutes of arriving, we found Lady Taildragger pilot Gail Burch who loves to check in from her “office” in the sky, a Luscombe and a Legend Cub. This airport is a happening place, home to many awesome pilots and cool taildraggers including homebuilt, vintage, classic and antiques. Steve Searle of Ormond Aircraft Sales, Maintenance & Restorations is based on the field and welcomed us like old buddies.

KOMN is also where we met aerobatic pilot Lara Isaac and her gorgeous Christen Eagle.

“Nikki” Lara Isaac flying her Christen Eagle II

YouTube’s PilotPhotog reports, “The colorful and aerobatic Christen Eagle II is the kit plane by which all other aerobatic kit planes are judged. Available both as a kit or from Aviat Aircraft, this beautiful bird can be seen all over the world at competitions. This example is flown by Nikki, an up and coming aerobatic pilot who competes and teaches other pilots how to fly aerobatics.”Lara was delightful and happy to show us her baby, a super gorgeous, exceptionally well-built Christen Eagle II. Check out this YouTube video – a great pilot – great airplane – great video by Juan of PilotPhotog.  Juan is a 20 year pilot and professional photographer.

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