Flying’s like a trip to the Mall…..says Bill Tracy

This was posted on our LadiesLoveTaildraggers Facebook group and is just too good not to share on the website. “Flying’s like a trip to the mall” says Bill Tracy and I think you just may agree. Chill out people, it’s an analogy – there’s more to this than the title. Reprinted with Bill’s permission.

Bill Tracy

Yesterday I spent some time talking to Windy throwing darts at our respective wall charts to see where our travels might lead to this coming summer. Somewhere we mentioned the fact that no one can understand how we can fly a 100 miles and make 40 stops.

Well last night while I couldn’t sleep I came up with what sounded to me like a very good analogy for all you ladies on how to make your flying more fun.

Bill Tracy WV

Think of it like a trip to the mall. I know you ladies can’t go to the mall and visit just one store. Airports are like stores. If someone didn’t want you to stop at them they wouldn’t have made them. It’s like stores at the mall, “I don’t need anything, I just want to go in and look”. So as you fly along and see an airport is within say 20 miles you need to check it out. Of course there are several levels on how this all works.

Bill Tracy Tim Martins

First there are the elusive airports/stores that might be off the main street and a bit hard to find or maybe they just no longer exist but that don’t mean that you don’t still take a look to see if you can find them. Now some are like window shopping. You fly over at 500 feet and can see there is nothing of interest so you just do a fly by.

Bill Tracy Welcom MINext are the stores that you at least need to stick your head in the door. These are the airports that have a couple of T hangers and you need to at least get down to 50 feet to see in the hangers. Now if you see something in the hangers it’s like visiting the antique store. You just have to stop and go in and look around – this is where you find all the hidden treasures.

Bill Tracy WendyThen there are the places that have the really good bargains and you can kill the whole afternoon visiting. This is where you find the old guy that is so happy that you stopped that he invites you into his hanger offers you a can of pop and shows you his old champ or T craft that obviously hasn’t flown for a couple of years but he has plenty of how he just rebuilt it (25 years ago) and of the places that he has been and how maybe next week he will get it out and go flying again.

Bill Tracy WindyThen there is the super store where you find the courtesy car and get to go into town for some ice cream.

The short version of this is Wife leaves the house at 10AM to get a loaf of bread. Comes home at 5PM with a new pair of shoes that she swears were 50% off puts them in the closet with the other 25 pair that she has never wore and says by the way I was to busy today to get to the store for bread guess we will have to go out for supper tonight.

Bill Tracy sleeping


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