Follow up to “What taildraggers do the ladies fly?”


Verb. To calculate again, especially in order to eliminate errors or to incorporate additional factors or data.

Alrighty people, because of comments and emails about the “official” numbers posted regarding what taildraggers the ladies love to fly, I’m back with this update. As always, your comments are very much appreciated. I’ve recalculated, grouping similar taildraggers together… within reason. This time I’m reporting actual “numbers” vs. “percentages” but again, don’t take my numbers to the bank. As Natalie McHaffie wrote in her comment, “And here’s a good example of “you can’t keep up to date”. I sold my Pitts last weekend!”  My goal is to get as close as I can to reality and not shortchange any taildragger types!

Starting with the third most popular group…

Cessnas #3; 120, 140, 150TD, 170, 180 & 185 – Total 49

Terri Hull & her 1946 Cessna 140


Aeroncas #2; Champ, Chief, Citabria & Decathlon – Total 54

Kristin Turner and her ’46 Aeronca Champ


And at Number One

Pipers #1; J3, J5, PA-11, PA-12 & PA-18 (only tandems) – Total 68. (Add in Cub clones & you’re up to 74)

Sue Tholen & her 1952 Piper Super Cub

What I thought was the most interesting is that over 50% of our members fall into one of these groups.  And for the many onesie, twosies like a Warner Air Sportster, Whittman Tailwind and Summer Martell’s Student Prince – you’re in the rarer breeds that we love to read about. Keep flying and send in your updates ladies!!

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  • Ray Johnson
    Posted at 17:34h, 23 December Reply

    Are you sure Aeronca’s are number #2 ??????????????

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