Friday 2014 Oshkosh

Today is Kate’s and my last full day at AirVenture and we’re planning on making the most of it. If you’re here too, hope to see you at noon at the Hilton Rooftop restaurant.

THEN the LLT ladies have a special invitation from the owner of the Lockheed Vega! We met John Magoffin last night and he invited our group to meet him at 2:00 where it’s on display in Vintage. We can climb aboard, get our pics taken and dream about what it would be like to fire it up and fly away. Wear your LLT tshirts and meet us there!20140801-060304-21784274.jpg
And since it’s our last night in town, Kate and I are looking for dinner buddies. If you’d like to come along, meet us under the tower at 5:30 !!

Love this little Fly-by right over my S7!

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