Full day at Mike’s OK18 Gaston Flyin

My passenger for our flying adventure is my beautiful niece Katie and we are having a blast. She’s a non-pilot but I feel sure I’m turning her on to the wonderful world of aviation. Today started with a kick off breakfast for the poker run a short flight over the hill.

61AR The Valley Airport put on quite a breakfast spread. Loved the husky on this Husky’s tail. Picked up our first poker card, a 6. Hummm.

Second stop of the day was KFLP Marion County Airport, just a quick fuel stop and topping off the tanks. Katie picked our second poker card, a 3. Hmmm

On to MO00 next, Turkey Mountain airport flying in trail with a couple Cubs. We saw the hills, rivers and lakes of Arkansas flying low and soaking it all in.

This beautiful grass strip hosted us for lunch and all kinds of fun. Poker card 3 was another 3. Hummm.

All this and the day’s not close to over!

Oh, and card 4 and 5, a King and a 3. Hummm!!

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