Furry Fly-In at Old Warden (Shuttleworth)

It’s always interesting to see what flying’s all about in different parts of the world. I’m happy to say that Nic Orchard sent in a fun little photo documentation of her flying adventures from last weekend. Nic flies a recently rebuilt Aeronca Champ and a Jodel and her airfield base is Maypole (EGHB) Kent, UK. Sent by Nic….. 

I might have to relate today’s expedition, not because it relates to LLT but because it was fun! 
It spun off from my mentioning, oh, so casually (ahem) on a forum I frequent that the Champ is back (I might possibly have been shouting just a little, teeny bit) and that led to some forumites suggesting a meet-up and one thing led to another…and finally, today, after two false starts due to British weather, we did it.

Ted, checking the new arrivals

Somewhere along the way, I might have also mentioned on said forum thread that I always fly with at least one of the Bears on board.  The way threads go, the gathering morphed into a Furry Fly-In, everyone attending bringing at least one furry co-pilot/navigator/wing-walker/engineer or passenger.

Ted, Harrison Hero, Blenheim and Tessie

 IMHO the venue is one of Britain’s finest places – possibly one of the world’s – Old Warden.
As a SVAS member one can fly in for free, which is a bonus and pays for itself in a couple of visits.

R O Bear in Whiskey Kilo Wanderer's aerial carriage.

One of the ladies, no the only other female of the gang, come to think of it, made cakes so we knew the Bears wouldn’t starve while we assaulted the cafe.  In fact, there was a mass invasion of the part-time tower for photo shoots.

The Taking of the Tower

Old Warden on Saturday, Old Sarum on Sunday for a Vintage Sunday Fly-In.  Maybe Old Buckenham next month!

Vintage Sunday Old Sarum 1 Apr 2012

Old Sarum's WW1 hangars make awesome photo opportunities

Have fun, fly lots.


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