Future Lady Taildragger “Piper” Frith (Florida)

We love to have fun on Ladies Love Taildraggers and we love to see moms or dads encouraging their children to share their passion. Here’s a cutie from Florida, sent in by her dad, and I can’t wait to hear how she spends her 16th birthday!!

“I don’t know if these count, but here are some pictures of my little taildragger girl, my daughter Piper in our Supercub, and yes, she loves taildraggers.”

Little bitty Piper Frith, sent in by proud dad, Glenn Frith


Piper, I’ve got to get some of those pink headsets!!


Piper sitting in the back of her dad’s Piper Supercub. Very cute but I’m guessing a little camera shy?!?


Looks like she’s got everything under control. Just think how many times she’ll get to wash this Cub before her 1st solo!!

“I am sure she will be a member of your group someday!”


Glenn Frith

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