Gail Schipper flying her Bücker Jungmann

Here’s some great pictures from Gail Schipper of Longmont, Colorado (KLMO) flying her Bücker Jungmann – and more!

First picture from a flight a few weeks ago. The first warm evening of the year and I happened to find a little Champ to buzz — after an
appropriate wing-wag invitation. Turned out that they were out for a photo shoot and had a good camera and photographer on board. Ryan Lunde kindly allows me to send this to you.

Gail flying her Bücker Jungmann, Ryan Lunde Photo

Pictures from the National Biplane FlyIn – taildraggers in a row. These shots were from the fly-out Ice Cream Social at a local private air field.






Just for fun I included a shot of me heading out for a spin in Ryan Lunde’s Champ. I think it’s been 17 years since I’d flown one, but it is just as sweet as the one I owned.


We didn’t get to fly the Bücker to Junction City. Winds were forecast gusting over 30 knots for western and central KS on Friday. No fun making fuel stops in that with little, light weight biplanes. Fortunately one of our fellow biplane travelers also has a 182.

See you in Idaho!

  • Gail
    Posted at 22:17h, 09 June Reply

    Hi Christina and Lisa,

    I’m really looking forward to Smiley Creek and meeting lots of other women aviators. Christina, I would love to come in the Bücker–but I it’s really not such a good traveling plane. The endurance is only 2 hours (at 100 mph) and it was built for grass fields where cross winds never need to happen. Wyoming is not very friendly in its abundance of airports or accommodations for landing without crosswind. If the weather looks absolutely cherry when we get close to the event I will be tempted, but probably I’ll be arriving with Stephanie Wells in her RV6.

    • Lisa Martin
      Posted at 06:28h, 10 June Reply

      I know what you mean about airports in WY, specially compared to the Denver area. And crosswinds, goodness! We have one huge paved runway and 2 grass strips in Worland…some how the gusty winds miss them all by quite a good angle! My saving grace is that the paved runway is wide enough that (with enough wind) I could probably land crosswise on it…so far I’ve only had to land on a diagonal into the wind. And then the fun begins – taxiing back to the hanger. With the price of gas this summer, plane-pooling is a good option.

  • christina chapman
    Posted at 19:27h, 08 June Reply

    Wow, OH PLEASE fly this out to the Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure!!! Ha. What a gorgeous plane. I’ve flown a staggerwing (as co-pilot only) and found it needed lots of muscle for the rudders. I know you are flying out to Idaho in an RV6 which must be much more affordable. But, your plane would be so revered here. Can’t wait to meet you and learn about you and your flying machine. See you next month!

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 08:19h, 08 June Reply

    I’m looking forward to meeting you in Idaho! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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